Actually, it IS Rocket Science


I really wanted to post something yesterday that was based around the anniversary of a truly sad event.  But every time I began to do so, I felt utterly dumb and in some weird way as if I didn’t deserve to contribute anything.  I was fortunate enough not to lose anyone that day or even have anyone in my life that I had to remotely question their location.  Not to mention the fact that there are countless other, much better writers that were handling the written memorials, much better than myself.  And then I even began to think that given the event that day, we should consider the fact that although we encountered our first real tragic event of our generation, there are other situations drizzled around the rest of the globe which have had larger numbers of fatalities and holdover trauma, and in a way we are all so incredibly lucky to live in a place where events like the those that occurred that day are able to remain so unbelievable to us.

And then I saw something that took my frustration and inability to come up with words and placed it lovingly in the hands of someone who could do it so much better than myself.  Or a group, I should say.

Which is why if you haven’t heard of StoryCorps yet, the very least that I could do would be to introduce it to you now.  Taken from real interviews with very real people and animated, what better way to allow yourself to mourn respectively?  Everything’s better animated, right?  (Just say “right” for me right now.  It took a lot for me to talk about this.)

Dude.  StoryCorps.  You my buddy.  I buy you a Choco Taco any time.  Any. Time.


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  1. * Sula says:

    Lovely. Touching. Honest. Beautiful.
    My tears flow…. Thank you for sharing.

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 7 months ago

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