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Sunday Comics (pt. 9)


T.G.I.S.- Am I RIGHT, ever’boday?!

That is the phrase, right? Short for “Thank God Igotthroughthe Shit?”  Right? Yes?!

Actually, I still have three papers left, but those are breezers at this point.  I write a blog entry almost every day; I think I can handle a couple of five page-discourses on a few peer-reviewed journal articles about some cognitive-behavioroh godammit you know what I think I just bored myself to death.  Can I just quit bellyaching for a little while?  I think we’d all like that.

Instead I think I speak for all of us when I say, “Welcome back, sanity.  Ashlin sure did miss you.”

You know, I’ve spent the last several entries on here pissing and moaning about what I was dealing with in school.  I did so thinking it was more for myself than anything.  I use this blog as catharsis to vent my frustrations so that I can laugh at them rather than letting them fester in the back of my mind.  I also use this blog to make self-deprecating jokes and share some stories of things I find interesting.  But, you know, mostly self-deprecation.  And yes, I see the stats and I read the numbers of visitors to my site every day, but I never really thought that this ridiculous blog would garner that much attention.  That was until the absolutely massive outpouring of emails, text messages, phone calls and the like from so many people began surfacing.  I got daily affirmations from one friend who I haven’t even seen in over ten years (Thanks, Jay!), a voicemail from my parents who lovingly asked if I had hijacked a car and driven off a cliff à la Thelma and Louise style yet, and a very thoughtful phone call from my first ever epic love (you know, that one in high-school {or previously, if you were ever that lucky}),who is currently in Alaska, doing very important things with percussive instruments and still took the time to call (Thank you, Chadwich).

And I could still go on, but then I would begin to sound like someone making an acceptance speech after the lead-out music had long since begun to play.  It just floored me how many people reached out and gave their support.  It was like having a surprising number of unknown pen-pals.  And I hope you guys realize how appreciated it was and continues to be.  Seriously.  I’m not good at showing a lot of sentimental emotion, but you knocked me out with those American replies.  Get it?  Get it??  Yeah, you get it.

So in my effort to thank you guys for how immensely helpful and supportive you’ve been, how about a Sunday comic, eh?

Thank you Chris B., Maria, Patrick, Jason, Missy, Letitia, Aunt B, Uncle J, The Cousins and Erin, Chris G., Mark and Melinda, Jeffrey, Megan, Chris P., Tony, Miss Sula, Bill, and shit if I left anyone out; I’m so sorry and I will make it up to you with chocolate covered brownies as soon as I see you again (or beef jerky, your choice! Wee!!)  They’re playing Ashlin’s theme.  See you at the afterparty!


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  1. * Yo Mama says:

    So glad you came out “the other side”! And if Alton Brown reads this, how can he resist linking arm in arm with you and walking you toward the light! hahaha

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 1 month ago
  2. * Kimberly says:

    And since you haven’t heard from me, I’ll just blame it on Vegas and the fact that the police rang my doorbell last week. Good news is, we’re all fine. And hopefuly some of us with a penchant for breaking the law will start behaving now…

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 1 month ago

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