Actually, it IS Rocket Science

Kiss me, coffeecake

I think I’m in a little bit of a mood today.

And that mood is FREAKIN AWESOME!!

Really, when you think about it, unless you’re catatonic or in a full-on coma, aren’t you always in a mood of some sort?  Isn’t saying you’re “in a mood” along the same lines of useless as saying, “Hold on, I’m trying to think.” ?  And to tell the truth, the times that someone else has mentioned that I appear to be “in a mood,” even though I know what they’re implying is that I appear to be grouchy, the truth is that if I wasn’t before, there is now a very decent chance I’m more than likely to be in one after hearing that.  

And if I was already grouchy… Duck and cover, brainless.  You pretty much just tripped a veritable wire that would result in immediate death if you were in an 80’s horror movie.

But I digress.  I’m in a decent mood for a very particular reason, or combination of reasons, I guess.  First, that I just completed my summer semester’s midterm period, which means I finished an onslaught of tests, multiple presentations, as well as having completed four 5-page papers written over a 3-day period.  Secondly, having woken up from the first FULL NIGHT’S REST I’ve had in about the past 2 weeks, given the final relief from so much demand from school and a few other lovely influences from the apparently all-encompassing and highly effective Bullshit Department.  Next, knowing that I have one more week of class before I pack my bags and get the heck out of dodge for a destination wedding for one of my favorite cousins where I will see my whole family, including my parents who I haven’t seen in too long, and where I will be engaging in a number of activities, but most importantly a series of zip lines.  ZIP LINES!!  I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention ZIP LINES at least more than twice.  <—Hence.

And finally, floating out of bed at 11am (as opposed to 4am which has been my apparent circadian alarm clock setting for about a week now) this morning to make a lazy breakfast (have I discussed the “lazy breakfast” yet???  NO?!  Noted.  You’ll be hearing about the lazy breakfast soon enough, and it’s amaaaaaazinng), watch about 3 hours of saved dv-r shows that I’ve missed for the past week, finally clean my apartment, which was looking like a hoarder and a college freshman had gotten hitched online and proceeded to not go outside for an entire year.  And then to finally sit down to my computer, only to come across a video that turned my eyes into saucers and I ended up pressing the replay button over.  And over.  And over.  And over.  And over.

And over.

Because I have a soft spot for a particular clan of videos.  Just like everyone else has their own weaknesses, whether it be for I-can-has-cheezburger-infused or the latest epic-fail-record or the earliest possible nip-slip installment, I have my own viral kryptonite.  I’ve even mentioned it before here and here.  The only problem is that my specific brand of internet fly paper is not as common as watching, say, a dog getting bitchslapped by a cat, or someone getting smacked in the nards with a blunt object, which is why when I do come across a new video of my favorite type, I hold it in my arms and embrace it like a little baby —… I don’t know, baby something cute, I’ll leave that to the Cheezburger aficionados to fill in the blanks.

Which is why I’m always thrilled to press the eternal replay button and exploit the shit out of it.  So by the power vested in me by the state of the all-powerful internet and the great Bruton Stroube Studios of St. Louis, MO, I bring you another great installment of the most lovely slow motion video I have come across to date.

Really, if I could date a viral video, I’d without a doubt give a promise ring to this pretty little number.


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  1. * Frank says:

    Now Ashie, if you are going to harp on other people’s use of redundant cliche, it should be pointed out that being in a coma and being catatonic are pretty much the same thing. Great video

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 8 months ago
    • Careful, Frank, that almost sounded like an intellectual’s duel challenge. 🙂

      | Reply Posted 7 years, 8 months ago
  2. * steph says:

    Very cool video, and can’t wait to see you soon! ZIP LINES!!!!! AAAAAH!!!!!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 8 months ago
  3. * Yo Mama says:

    Oh mah gawd… the obsessive compulsive side of me just can’t watch that again! Who’s gonna clean that up?? All I could think of at first was “Nooooooooo!”
    But it was mesmorizingly cool…

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 8 months ago

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