Actually, it IS Rocket Science

Loaded gun

And now.  Another installment of a conversation with the Most Brilliant Person Alive.


MBPA:  You worked at a toy store?  What was that like?

Ashlin:  Oh, it was all right; it had it’s moments.  Sometimes we were allowed to play with a bunch of new toys that hadn’t been marketed yet.  There was this really cool thing called an “Airzooka” that we had a blast with.

MBPA: An “Airzooka?”

Ashlin:  Yeah.  It was a pretty simplistic model of a handheld air cannon.  It had a plastic tube with a bungee on one end and you pulled it back to release this highly concentrated ball of air wherever you directed it.

MBPA:  Whoa.  That’s pretty cool.

Ashlin: It was pretty cool; someone could do it from really far away and you could still feel it go right through you.

MBPA:  Like chili?

Ashlin:  I… …shit.  Well playyyyed, nastyass.


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