Actually, it IS Rocket Science

Whine and dine

Sorry to make this so short, and sorry to make this post about something kind of negative and at the same time gross, but I’m currently recovering from a nasty allergy attack after spending an absolutely wonderful weekend with some friends that included a banjo and 4 pounds of freshly boiled crawfish, and staring at a computer screen for too long is proving to be a bit tricky.

You know that scene in that one movie where the girl gets so frustrated with the amount of pain behind her eyes that she performs self-surgery eye-ectomy?  No?  No one’s written that one yet?

Someone should really get on that.  Cause the drama that’s going on in my sinus cavities could win me an Oscar right now.

I should be back soon; just gotta do some ash-maintenance first.  Toodles!


I’ll leave you with this, though, on a day of memorial for fallen soldiers everywhere- a girl who apparently has never doubted where her allegiance lies:



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