Actually, it IS Rocket Science


You probably know by now my odd fixation with extreeeeme slow-motion.  Something in it syrups my mind into this weird trance and gives me peace in the chaos of events that sometimes happen too quickly for my eyes to process.  Not to mention I’m continually knocked off my feet by the exact intricacies of movement that we can only appreciate through what feel like glaucoma glasses at times.

I could probably watch this on repeat for a solid hour.  I got close to it when I was first introduced to it until a phone call jarred me out of my drooling idiocy.  It is so stupidly simple in execution, but seriously it takes a lot for my eyes not to become cartoonish swirly-que’s and really, if you ever wanted me to do your laundry for you or lend you a hundred bucks, now’s the time to ask.  It also eases my mind into the fact that tonight I begin my third semester of school after only a week off in between, and during that time I called my week long trip short but still enjoyed my time off, albeit while battling a fun little stress-induced rash that makes me glad no one’s going to see my naked torso any time soon if I can help it.

Ladies and gentledoodles.  I give you.  SLO-MO-JELL-O.

Bring it, Psychopathology and Treatment 512.


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