Actually, it IS Rocket Science

God forbid

I’m not a doomsday enthusiast, nor am I trying to say that most of us are going anywhere anytime soon, or even worse having to give up our dv-r’s, but I think if anything were to ever happen vis-a-vis Soilent Green influence, or if life were to suddenly be opened up to something out of an apocolyptic sci-fi vein and I’m confronted with my death in any premature fashion, this would be what I would choose my consciousness to be played out to.

An incredible amount of footage that was taken between the 4th and 11th of this month (April) alone- which was coincidently also some of the most enjoyable time I’ve had since I moved to California. (you’re gonna want that full-screen on this one)


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  1. * Barbara Liese says:

    Beautiful, Ash. Though certainly not the Calif. coastline at all, gorgeous scenery. Just remembered that we did not speak of the Mendocina area on the phone the other night. Google that, you’l see some of the spots we hit when you were wine tasting with us a few years back.

    | Reply Posted 7 years ago

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