Actually, it IS Rocket Science

On flying

I’m stuck writing a paper that could be listed under the “insane” category of expectations; the topic is on law and ethics and if you made it to the end of “ethics” before passing out from sheer boredom then I commend you.  It’s not that I hate the subject.  I just… hate the subject.  Probably because it’s something that requires a lot of extra effort on my part to distinguish that shady gray area that can come up between the two, and we all know I HATE anything that requires me to flex a cranial neuron or give something a little extra brainy elbow grease.  Ew.  Mental image on that metaphor is kinda gross.  I’m doing well enough in the class, and have been lucky enough to have a teacher who’s kind of a badass, but regardless is the reason for such a quick post today.

So some crazysmart people have successfully engineered a robotic bird who can actually fly in the same fashion that its organic predecessors do, and it’s kind of hypnotic to watch.

Now here comes the great debate:  I really can’t decide who I appreciate more, technology or nature.  It’s kind of awesome that these guys constructed an apparatus to mimic the behaviors of real life- especially getting something made out of METAL to soar in the sky without the help of a propellerhead or jet fuel, and stay up longer than those crappy things your grandparents always gave you made from packing peanuts that always broke or got stuck in a tree or attacked you kamikaze style or all three.  But real birds?  Their bones are made of fucking air.  That’s as good as natural wizardry to me.

And while I’m sure that those guys in their labs sat through countless classes that fried their brain cells and made them feel like drooling idiots, birds never have to take a class on law and ethics because they don’t have shitall to worry about a gray area or getting sued for malpractice later in life.  Birds 1.  Scientists 0.


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  1. * chris busch says:

    “their bones are made of fucking AIR” is a great line. I’m all for technology, and this was a cool video, but the whole endeavor seems kind of pointless. you can’t build a better bird!
    and I’ll totally finish your paper for you. I need something creative to do. Just as long as I can put you on my resume as a reference, it’s as good as done.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 6 months ago
    • Be very careful of what you offer under the speculation that you’ll be doing anything creative. Unless you define creative as memorizing civil codes and past ethical foundations in law history.

      I MEAN- totally- I’ll send you my next assignment pronto. fair trade. 🙂

      | Reply Posted 7 years, 6 months ago

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