Actually, it IS Rocket Science

Just realized I referenced cats twice in this post. That’s kinda lame.

Before I moved to California I lived in Chicago for several years and worked for an A/V company at a site located downtown only steps away from Lake Michigan in the largest installment of a certain hotel chain in America (but you can probably guess it wasn’t at all glamourous).  Because our site was in a hotel, we were required to man our offices every day of the year, even at our slowest seasons.  That means my weekends went a little like this:

Saturday:  Play around, cook a really nice dinner, maybe drink a bit too much wine, pretend like everything’s fine.

Sunday:  Alarm goes off at 4:30am.  Struggle to get out of bed and stumble to get dressed in the dark so as not to wake the boyfriend, stub my goddam toe on that motherfucking goddam bed frame one more friggin time and I swear I’m gonna break  something in this apartment, for real.  Create some semblance of professional attire (though I’m really not kidding anyone- I look and act like Michelle Pfeiffer just before her transition into Catwoman.  Yeah, THAT on top of things).  Walk a mile to the train stop because it’s too early for any of the busses to get off their asses and make a proper bus stop.  Get off my train and walk an ADDITIONAL half mile to my site in a commute that took over an hour to travel less than 4 miles away (not an exaggeration; I clocked it on several occasions).  Open the office and proceed to sit by myself from 7am to 6pm with little-to-no interaction from anyone or anything.  Go home hating the world.  Set alarm for 4am the next day.  Plot my revenge against the bed frame.

Of course it wasn’t always as terrible as I make it out to be.  There were times when I dropped a sock on the ground the night before and it cushioned the blow the next morning to my cracked toe knuckles.

I learned to keep myself occupied during my weekly 11 hour shift doing various activities once my jobligations were performed.  I fell in love with a website that allowed me to watch bootlegged movies (which has since been removed otherwise I TOTALLY would have shared with you guys, it was marvelous), got involved in several online discussions about topics that I never would have given two shits about before, and doodled.  Doodling, more than likely, was the most productive thing I was ever able to report from those crappy Sundays, but I recently discovered a couple that I had been smart enough to save during that very hazy time in my life.

And now I’d like to share them.  Here’s one:


*I would like to express that my cartoons are in no way attempting to reach a level of humor than that of, say, Randall Munroe (sigh) or his counterparts, so don’t think you’re walking into The Oatmeal or Toothpaste for Dinner archives of lost treasures.  Those guys have way too much talent on their hands.  I just have hands.


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  1. * Airamay says:

    I suggest you should open the big old can of worms that pertains to that company you worked for in Chicago. On another note don’t act like you sat there all by yourself you make me feel like my visits were useless.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 10 months ago
  2. Your visits were the only saving grace I had and you know it. But out of about 100 weeks I only had the grace of your presence about 3-4 Sundays. I’m not saying those weren’t the best 3-4 Sundays of my life, though. 🙂

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 10 months ago

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