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Don’t Panic

I tried to go catch a view of the all powerful “Supermoon” last night, and I intend on writing more about that soon, but I came across something that I’d rather take the time to post about since it’s mostly just a link and the information therein is extremely interesting.

Because I live on the west coast, a great deal of what I’ve heard when turning on the news or reading local headlines currently deals with the topic of radiation and the threat of the Fukushima Reactor Plant’s unfortunate recent troubles.  It’s hard not to get swept up in the cyclone of freak-out-encouraging talk that tends to go on during the aftermath of admittedly catastrophic events.  But what I’ve found is that by following immediate natural and logical doubts with research is one of the best ways to combat fearful impositions.

One of my absolute favorite cartoonists and math genius/subsequently one of my “celebrity crushes” if that even pertains in this manner, Randall Munroe , creator and author of the adorable nerdcomic “Xkcd” (and who should be credited with not only the “cartoonist” title; this guy, who’s younger than I am, has already worked for NASA as a roboticist and programmer and thus gained “makes-my-knees-all-wobbly” status) has constructed with the help of Ellen McManis, a Senior Reactor Operator at Reed Research Reactor, a very concise infochart in attempt to help spell out what different amounts of radiation and at different levels of exposure over various increments of time actually mean when pertaining to a person and their likelihood of acquiring either radiation sickness or developing a greater chance of long-term effects.  The infograph helped me out greatly, and with knowing that the threat of radiation is looming over some people more than they might even like to admit, I just wanted to pass it around if, for nothing else than sheer “information=strength” mentality.

Click on that picture.  You know you wanna.

Another helpful article from Time.


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