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One of these things is just like the other

Last night I caught an ad for a new show on cable called “Workaholics.”  Now, without having actually seen the show, I really have no idea how well it will hold up on cable network, but I did notice a pretty interesting thing within the first 5 seconds of the promo and wanted to say something before it had a chance to get canceled.

Here is one of the main characters from the show:

More body on that hair than Jayne Mansfield.

He could very well be hilarious, or he could suck it; but we’re really not addressing talent here, this is strictly a beauty pageant tonight.

Being the late night TV addict that I am (it’s a problem.  I’ve recently discovered that one thing I love to do is to fall asleep watching Saturday Night Live just so I can be awakened by the placidly conditioned voices of the panelists on Meet the Press the next morning), I have fallen into the orbit of several shows I might not haven’t given a second glance to before, one of which being the hilarious “Metalocalypse,” which hosts a number of animated characters in a death metal band who in their attempt to be more hardcore than their brain-damage-inducing counterparts still get stuck in the minutiae of the legal issues that come with being involved in an llc.  That may be the most I’ve ever said about that show in my life.

Anyway, I noticed some amusing similarities between the two ( the fact that being an animated vs. a live action sitcom makes it all the more hilarious, but I’m not sure for which side, just yet).

The band has an unendingly disgruntled, aptly named bassist, William Murderface:

I will let the jury draw their own conclusions.


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  1. * udmonlezun says:

    OH-EM-GEEE!!! Hilarious!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 1 month ago

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